If you want to go out with a translator, be aware of these 5 rules

Translators are considered ones with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) due to their flash mood swing. They can be nice, but also aggressive at the same time. This fact might scare people out, especially with ones who are dating with translators. But wait! Translators are not that “dangerous” if you learn by heart these five following rules. If you intend to or already have a relationship with a translator, read this carefully:

1.Don’t worry if your sweetie suddenly vanished into thin air!

- Deadline is so-called a frequent “frienemy” to any translator, explaining why sometimes your sweetie might totally vanish into thin air for one day or more. Chasing deadline is a sensitive time period which requires an extremely high concentration.

- They are not avoiding you but dedicatedly doing their job. Need not to worry!  My dear, bear in mind that translators are time ticking bombs when chasing deadline and you don’t want these bombs to explode, do you?

2. Misspelling and terrible word choices might drive your honey nuts!

- Translator is enemy to language mistakes. Inappropriate word choices and misspellings can drive them nuts no matter who you are!

3. Your loving suffers from contextual ambiguity allergy!

- Translators suffer from contextual ambiguity allergy. Thus, ask not “How about this shirt?”, ask “Does this shirt look good on me for the party tonight?”

4. A restaurant with a poorly translated menu sounds like recipe for a disaster date!

- Let’s search “poorly translated menu” on google, you can always find dozens of funny translated menus around the globe. They are considered thorn in the flesh to translators. Therefore, if want to impress your date, take them to restaurants with a careful attention to translation!

5. Do not mix up between a translator and an interpreter!

- Note in mind that translators work with words whilst interpreters deal with spoken language.  Present your darling with a wrong title and ask inappropriate questions about their work are not recommended. Your sweetie may instantly conclude that you do not care about him/her as you know nothing about what is they are doing for their living.

- In conclusion, translators are sparing, knowledgeable and responsible.  If you can put up with their distinctive personalities, you are guaranteed with a wonderful lover. Good luck with these meticulous yet miraculous lover.

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