6 steps to stay focus at work

There are many factors that distract us and lower our productivity down in the era of significant development of technology, it takes us more time to do. In what way could we stay focus when working and maintain productive?  Then Sao Khue shares with you the way.

1. Have your office desk organized

Every time you need a stationary for your task and it takes time to search in a mess, then you lose focus. Be neatly and only put the stuff that you may need when working on you desk.  And you should find a suitable set of chair and desk.

2. Optimize your computer for work

Put on the desktop all of the program and software needed for work. You should organize the folder ideally, one folder for each project. Do not let the virus interrupt your work. Spending money for an anti virus protector is always worthy than regretting your time is wasted just because of the virus.

3. One task at a time

You should pay your attention to just one task – the most important then move to the next one. It will secure that the task go under plan and the quality will be preserved. In addition, the “multi task” does not work with the high intensity and accuracy job.

4. Be determined to get the task done without any delay or avoidance

There’s a type of staff who avoid their task by repeatedly checking the e-mail or delaying the task and do it later, when they claim that it is the right time to do. We should avoid it. The task may be pile up and new problems may occur and we have to face more difficulties.

5. Stay away from distractions

The social media and smartphone is the reason for downgrade productivity. Break down with them, by this way or that way, is the most effective solution for staying focus. Log out facebook and turn off the notice on email (not recommend for some position) while working. You should close the unnecessary window on your computer.

6. Make your own working space

You can create your own space in order to sweep out the distractors such as the noise of machine and co-worker talking…. Earphone is useful; it not only partly eliminated the noise, but also represents a symbol to warn people not to disturb you. To maintain the passion and lessen the pressure, you should listen to your favourite song. And you should be aware of what your co-workers are doing, where other tasks are going and what you can do to help them.


Source: lifehack.org



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