Cheats for effective communication

1. Awareness of body language

- Ensure you stand up straight and make eye contact with the person you are talking to, especially when that person is speaking to you.
- Avoid potentially offensive body language like fidgeting, looking in the opposite direction to your recipient or rolling your eyes.
2. Be clear and concise.

- What is the main point of your speech? Have this question in mind before you begin talking as it should help prevent any rambling.
- Also, ensure you express all key points clearly and importantly, keep yoabouur speech short.

3. Hit the headline first

- Always make sure that you make the most important point at the beginning of your speech.
4. Tell a story

- We tend to be persuaded by stories rather than facts and figures. Tell stories to illustrate the point you wish to make.
5. Make it about them

- Be mindful of what your listener and consider what is important to them. For example, if your colllecge cares most about return on investment (ROI), speak on that point.
6. Repeat your message

- Don’t expect people to remember every key point that you make. People can forget things or sometimes don’t take in every detail.
7. Ask open-ended questions

- Using open-ended questions like “What would you like to see happen in this upcoming meeting?” can help encourage further dialogue and sometimes uncover missing information.

- Feedback is vital to maintain a positive conversation and ensure you and your colleagues are on the same page.
8. Be positive

- If you happen to disagree with your colleague’s or boss’s point of view, it’s best not to say so. Instead, try to frame your disagreement as a question. For example, a question like “How will X benefit our company?” could work.


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