Yoga & Meditation International Conference

The conference was jointly hold by VINASME and AMPS for the first time in Vietnam, with the purpose of start teaching Yoga free for Vietnam’s small and medium enterprise. 9 Yoga Masters – the top leaders of Ananda Marga attended and share experience, followed by Hundreds of Dada, Didi and Margii from all over the world.

In the ceremony, VINASME and AMPS signed the Agreement on Free Teaching Yoga and Meditation for Vietnam’s SMEs.

Mr Ng Van Than, VINASME Chairman stated at the conference, given the fact that businessman, managers and employees of enterprises often face stress in work and life. Therefore; how to find a scientific and effective way to keep them both physically and mentally healthy and be able to deal with stress is also important that VINASME’s Board of Directors always seek for beside other crucial tasks.

Sao Khue was honored to provide interpreting service for the conference.

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