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The participants included the representatives of Belgian top equipment manufacturers in the field such as Europlasma, Matthys, Picanol... The latest technology in textile and apparel were widely introduced to the audience.
The definition of wealth management and related issues were analyzed and discussed by ERI at the conference. ERI presented a system of wealth management services named “Olympic banking system” and examined the possibility of applying it.
The workshop aimed to evaluate the result of the project, give recommendations about regulations, policies, and choices in investing for potential solutions for adapting and mitigating exhausts in rice production under the influence of climate change.
The conference aimed to support the Vietnamese listed companies to apply the best international practice in enterprise administration to attract foreign investment and boost development.
The course was included in a sub-project “Strengthening capacity for environmental law in the Asia-Pacific: Developing environmental laws champions” within the project “Regional capacity development technical assistance” sponsored by ADB
International Border Interdiction Training (IBIT) 2016 was organized in Texas, USA with the participation of the delegate of Vietnam's Customs.
Freelancers have to take on many different tasks, including invoicing, basic project management, key accounting and other business related activities, but in-house translators can focus on translation only.
The parties had presented the regulations and policies of each Government, Ministry of National Defense and US Department of Defense and discussed about the topic which shared the interested.
BANKING VIETNAM has been known as the largest and the most influential annual ICT banking conference and expo in Vietnam.
How rookies can enhance their memorizing skill to leave a profound impression upon clients and other audiences?
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