Frequently Asked Questions

The timeline for translating your document will depend on the format of the source document, the language and service required and the technicality of the content. Please contact us via 

Every single document that SaoKhue receives is confidential. But, if you have privacy concerns, a legally binding non-disclosure agreement will be signed by our translator(s). Upon customers’ request, SaoKhue will delete all original and translated documents. We will uphold the highest professional and ethical standards to make sure the content of your project remains private.

We use the following criteria to select our translators:
– Subject-matter experts in a variety of fields, which means they are familiar with relevant terminology.
– Experienced; all have a minimum of 5 years of translation experience. In addition, many of our translators hold post-graduate degrees in their area of specialty.
– High sense of responsibility and code of ethic
SaoKhue uses the following criteria to select our interpreters:
– Minimum of 4 years experience as a consecutive and/or simultaneous interpreter.
– Native level fluency in the corresponding language combination.
– Strong background in the subject matter of the assignment, acquired either by education or by practice.
– Adherence to confidentiality practices and interpreters’ code of ethics.
– Certification/Accreditation, as appropriate.

Our team gathers documentation experts, including translators, proofreaders, editors, coordinators to produce extremely high quality and accurate materials.
With our translation process, we can ensure the accuracy and reliability of every single project.
   – Form translation team: Receiving materials from clients and requirement, appropriate translators then will be assigned.
   – Initial translating: Translator(s) translate the material. Glossary and references are provided.
   – Proofreading & editing: After initial translation, the documents are proofread and edited by a specialized language editor.
   – Handing over: The approved translation will be formatted to meet a set of visual guidelines.

– Translation is in written form and it is the process of transferring the meaning of text or words from one language into another language.
– Interpretation is in oral form and it is used when listening to someone speak and giving an oral rendition into a desired language.
For example, interpreters render oral translation (interpretation) at conferences, while technical quotes and specifications are translated into written form.

– Editing is done by a second professional translator whereby the translated text is compared to the original text. Any necessary modifications are made to ensure accuracy and completeness.
– Proofreading is done by a professional translator who revises the final version of a translated text prior to publishing.

Please contact us via and we will answer your question within 24 hours.

– For translation: Each project is unique; the cost depends on many factors such as word count, style, technicality and your deadline.
– For interpreting:  The cost will depend on the types of interpreting service such as Conference Interpretation (Simultaneous and Consecutive) and the subject (technical or not).
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