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  •   Modes of Staffing Services
  1. Short-term employment

As companies start to rebuild their teams, there’s still some hesitancy to create new roles or restore ones that were cut. Short-term employment allows you to confirm whether additional positions truly return value. With a low-risk, no-obligation temp fulfilling the job description, you’ll be able to determine if the role is really necessary. Should it be full-time or part-time? Maybe it’s seasonal? Does the role improve productivity? Is it worth the expense? If not, simply end the temp contract with no messy loose ends to tie up.

They allow you to manage your business and meet your customer’s production orders without overstaffing throughout the year. We are able to provide staffing resources on short notice. (order a day ahead or just hours) This is a great program for projects or seasonal needs. Many of our clients utilize just in time staffing to deal with the cyclical nature of their business.

  1. Temp-to-Perm

Temp to perm is the ideal solution to avoiding costly hiring errors. The dollar impact of worker turnover due to a bad full-time hire is surprisingly high. By hiring a candidate as a temp first, companies save on upfront full-time hire fees, and avoid steep separation costs and potential legal issues should the temp arrangement not workout. Think of this as you would the “test drive” you take when you go to purchase a new car. Our recruiting team will recruit employees who meet your company’s standards and qualifications.

Temp-to-Perm gives you the chance to take these potential new-hires for “a spin.” The trial period can be considered an “insurance policy” to making a long-term and successful hire, with clients assessing a candidate’s experience, leadership and cultural fit. When the contract ends, companies have the option to hire the employee, or to move on to another qualified candidate.

  1. Direct Placement Hire

If your business is booming, you will likely need more than traditional staffing, so Sao Khue offers a customized program that focuses on the recruitment, performance, and success of the non-core workforce. We match specific candidates to company requirements for permanent employment within client companies. With this program Sao Khue becomes your business partner, so we’re more than just a service provider – we’re actually working in tandem to find employees that will help your business continue to boom.

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