Fields of Translation

  •   Technical Translation

Technical translation is specialised work that deals with scientific and technological information and data. As there are many different types of technical translation, including but not limited to aero translation, medical translation, engineer translation, construction translation, mining translation, etc.,  there are symmetrically number of their own specialised terminology.


  •   Transportation and Logistics

Given the fast pace service transportation and logistics is, any logistics firms should find an effective way that maximizes the simplification of the process. Having a list of trustable translation companies to ensure the translation quality and time bound would be a fair suggestion. Do not throw your money to a poor translation service that may cause you not only money but also time to fix the unexpected problems. Using translation companies with expertise translators/interpreter who can manage the translation and quality assurance to be done well and be available to interpret conversations between the company and stakeholders is an appropriate method of saving time and money, two of the most precious values for a logistics and transportation company. See more...

  •   Social Science Translation

Social science is a field that studies the society and the interaction amongst people. This subject is also the precedent for other fields, such as public sector, politics or even economics since it provide us the information on people’s ways of behaviour.

In the macro scale, the anticipated behaviour patterns can prepare governments and policy makers with ideas of how to generate regulations so as to ameliorate the life standards and satisfaction among the people within their country. Besides, in a more micro scale, understanding of people’s behaviours could facilitate the effective administration of businesses to their employees or local authorities to the people living in the area.

Social sciences translation is usually bounded by social and cultural contexts which results in the variety of terminology used in specific situations. Specialized terms are determined by also the age as well as the ethnic and ideological within the surrounding society. Therefore, it is required that social science translators to be not only proficient in their working languages, but also possess an adequate knowledge of the discipline he/she translates (terminology, historical framework, socio-cultural context).

  •   Education Translation

Education is the root for sustainable development of every single nation around the globe. The concept of education is not just limited to teaching and studying in educational institutions, it also covers the training courses organized amongst governments, groups, and individuals with a view to improving knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.

The more intellectual population, the more chances a nation has to grow constantly.

Given the world is becoming flatter day by day, the opportunity to adopt advances from foreign education system is increasing drastically. The beneficiaries from this chance vary from macro entity as governments to particular individuals like professors and students. Yet, to fully utilize this priceless opportunity, academic translation or education translation is required.

Since the education consists of many different topics, it requires different expertise to undertake these specific topics with accurate terms and styles.


  •   Investment Translation

The more integrating the world become, the more need for quality and punctual translation services is arisen among governments, enterprises, asset management firms and investment banks. These entities need stock market data, financial reports, and contracts, agreements to be done promptly to immediately deliver to partners, customers and others economies around the world to fully utilize the chances generated by global integration.


  •   Finance and Banking Translation

Finance and Banking is the driving force of every economy in the world, which makes money flow and sustains the global development.

Finance and Banking is a very distinguished industry. Finance and Banking field has many sub-sectors and the specialised terminology used in each specific sector, which requires translators to recognize this diversity and the complexities within Finance and Banking translation.


  •   Military - Defense Translation

Translation for military and defense requires confidential operations and people translators who are well-familiar with military terminology and its key concepts. There is no room for errors or mistakes in these manuscripts. These documents might be the first information based on which the military decisions are made, thus, translation services for defense and military becomes crucial for any nation and its forces.

  •   Legal Translation

Translations for clients from the legal sector need to be clear, accurate and persuasive, so it makes sense to use translation experts whose previous experience has given them a sound grasp of the profession’s culture, language and terminology.


  •   Public Sector Translation

The public sector is a vast and complex area of work which requires not only the precision in terminology but also the sensitivity to use the appropriate stylistics for each specific recipient/reader.

Most public sector organisations require a broad spectrum of services to suit the wide variety of end users they need to reach. Be it a highly technical legal document from an international court, or a complex brief from our own courts explaining rulings, to a leaflet explaining how the benefits system works, you can be assured we will assign the right professional with the adequate experience and knowledge to complete each assignment to the highest standards. Therefore, it is required to engage high level translators (Level 4 <link> minimum according to NAATI credentials to serve this sector.

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