Business Translation

  •   How Sao Khue can meet your business translation requirements

Experience and skills: We are a group of experienced and knowledgeable translators, editors, and proofreaders who strictly adhere to the Standard Translation Procedure

Strict Translator selection process: At Sao Khue we only work with the most skilled and dependable translators. We use the following criteria to select our translators: 

- Industry relevant: Subject-matter experts in a variety of fields, which means they are familiar with relevant terminology to your industry.

- Experience: All have a minimum of 5 years of translation experience. In addition, many of our translators hold post-graduate degrees in their area of specialty. 

- Work ethic: High sense of responsibility and code of ethics. 

Communications and networking: We always stay in touch with our translators, ensuring that we have up-to-date information on resources and availability. 

Streamlining our translation services: To maintain the highest standards of quality, we continually provide our translators with training and feedback and all documentation is independently proofread. 

Technology: We use SDL Trados, X-Bench and other software programs and applications to facilitate the best leverage on previously translated material and provide consistent copy. We have the facilities to crowdsource any translation request which means we can place many translators onto an urgent project for a short period of time in order to complete it quickly.

Continuous Training: Unique to Sao Khue is our performance enhancement mechanism. We maintain a weekly advance training program to continuously improve the capacity of our team and thus provide our clients with better products. The program is designed to fulfill our dream to go further in the field we love as well as to realize our commitment for high quality translation services in Vietnam.

Respected brand: We have earned loyalty and trust from many organizations, agencies and governmental bodies within Vietnam and internationally.

  •   How I can find a perfect translation service for your busines

There are many different ways a modern business can access translation services and it will depend on the translation format, the industry you represent, the sector you are within and the company budget as to which will be most effective for your organizational requirements. Options include high-end translation companies, in-house translators, crowdsourced translation and machine translation (MT).

Freelance translators

The main advantage here is price is reasonable and quality is good (if you can access a reliable and skilled professional). The disadvantage is quality assurance may suffer and there may be issues with handling large-volume documents. This method is recommended if you have a tight budget and a good deal of time available for translation.

Premium translation agency

The price is likely to be higher than freelance translators, but quality of translation is good, quality assurance is excellent (CAT tools are very effective here), and a translation agency is more likely to be able to deal with high-volume documents in a short period of time. Moreover, where projects are urgent, a premium translation agency is likely to be more flexible as they will have a valuable network of professionals or partners they can network with. Remember, price goes with quality – in reality, a cheap price usually means cheap quality.

In-house translators

Businesses could also hire specialized people to conduct all translation tasks for them. The advantage here is these employees would have comprehensive knowledge of the business, so that they could convey business’ messages quite precisely while offering translation services. If the company is dealing with international communications on a regular basis, and the budget will allow, this option should be chosen. Yet take into account, it may be hard for them to handle a big workload, and the quality assurance is also constrained - therefore, even when you have a team of in-house translators, there may still be a need for outsourcing.

Crowdsourced translation

This method of accessing translation services may take some time to complete because you are dealing with volunteers who are likely to have little translation experience. However, crowdsourcing is less expensive than hiring a professional translator and still provides a comparable quality of translation.

Machine translation tools

This category includes applications such as Google Translate. These apps are usually free to use and give you an instant translation when you copy and paste text into the online text box. Keep in mind that these tools only provide basic translations and are often not completely accurate. If you only need to “have” a symmetrical document for archival purpose, machine translation can be your choice.



  •   Why is business translation so important

Business translation facilitates overseas prospective partnerships. There are many factors an investor needs to consider wheninvesting in, or creating a partnership with a business. Most importantly, an investor will need access to sales and marketing documents, financial reports, contracts and agreements, websites and product information, as a bare minimum. To sustain a credible and professional image, it is important for businesses to hire a translation agency/translator to make these documents readable and professional for foreign investors.

Business translation enhances lead generation from foreign clients. Ambition is the key factor to a business’ success. As businesses thrive and grow it is natural for them to reach out globally. In order to bridge the many complexities involved in marketing, professional translation services can guide the way and allow the business to reach full potential. To learn more, do not hesitate to contact a premium translation agent to ensure your products and services offer the best image for your foreign customers.

Business translation ensures the professional image of a brand. Effective branding plays an essential part in a business’ sustainable development. To be more specific, it is necessary that your image should always be consistent for both local and foreign customers, employees and stakeholders. Therefore, be careful you do not throw your money into sub-standard translation services which can ruin your company image and destroy global goals.

Business translation is a weapon against the local competitors in their own market place. The global economy offers chances to invest in new market places. If raising the quality of products and consolidating workforce and product lines as well as building image are the components for a shield against local competitors - business translation is a weapon for businesses to attack local businesses in their own market.

  •   How translation services can enhance business investment, brand and lead generation

Thanks to digital media, enhanced modern communication and standards set for worldwide corporate integrity, local businesses in the 21st century are able to offer servicesglobally with a great deal more ease. However this valuable opportunity requires managers to  be able to communicate succinctly and clearly through brand, packaging, face to face and with written documents and digital documents, with foreignpartners and prospective customers. The core tool for facilitating powerful communication is business translation.

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