For Customer

From March 21 to 8 April, the Boarding Officer Course had been organized in Hai Phong with the participation of marine force and coast guard of Vietnam.
Sao Khue was honored to support and provide interpreting service for America Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, in the conference of Business Facilitation Program.
Customers are the one who costed a sum of money to hire a translator or a translation agent, therefore, they have an obvious right to expect a corresponding outcome.Translator could also expects certain reasonable things.
Voluntary Partnership Agreement on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade ( VPA/FLEGT) is a legally binding trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and timber-producing countries outside the EU.
In the recent year, the application of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard) has growth rapidly and globally. In Vietnam, most of the corporates still use the VAS ( Vietnam Accounting Standard) in preparing the finance report.
Last week, Sao Khue successfully provided translating service for TBA.
By the order of Sewells, Sao Khue was trusted to translating the EARN Voice Over Script. Within the professsionals and experienced translators, Sao Khue was taken positive feedback from customer.
In the morning of 3 March, Peace Keeping Force of Vietnam with the co-operation of International Chamber of Red Cross 9(ICRC) hold a Seminar on International Humanity Laws Court.
On March 3, Sao Khue provided interpreting service for Austria's Embassy meeting on broadcasting license. The result was fruitfully, thanks to Sao Khue interpreters who performed well.
At the very least this is likely to result in an unsuccessful campaign. But in many cases it can result in a hugely damaging (if sometimes quite amusing) cultural blunder.
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